These are some of my most requested services, though every client is different. Please contact me to discuss which services may be right for you or your organization. All services offered worldwide.

Strength + Challenge Assessment (SCA)
Using tools like MBTI, Career Leader, Skill Scan, Hogan, Strong Inventory and more to help define areas of strength and challenge. For the individual or the organization.
Need to increase the satisfaction you experience and make your best contribution? We could all use some support to do our best work and live our best lives. Let me ask you the philosophical and practical questions. Let me help you sharpen your vision and plan the day-to-day. It would be my pleasure!
Change Management
Change doesn't have to be traumatic. With guidance and assistance, you might even enjoy the journey. For the individual or the organization.
The 360 Degree Life
Create a plan for a lifestyle and culture that supports healthy eating, exercise and restorative habits that help optimize what you have to offer and what the team is able to deliver. For the individual or the organization.
Defining Your Values
Clarifying conversations to help guide your daily living and active pursuits.
Personal Optimization Plan (POP)
Getting fit for an event, a trip, a wedding, a surgery, class reunion, or just want more vitality in your everyday life? Utilizing Pilates, yoga, personal training, nutrition and planning we can craft a plan that optimizes YOU!
Professional Stress Management
Tools and techniques to combat job- and life-induced stress and fatigue.
How to Have a Conversation
Move beyond traditional “effective communication” courses, with your colleagues, friends and family, to help increase connections and community.
Facilitation, Workshops, Retreats
Offsites, like Annual Planning and Team Building can often benefit from an outside facilitator. Workshops can be delivered and designed to meet multiple audience needs. Sometimes creating a home-away-from-home is the best environment to focus on strategy, growth and relationship building. From the planning to the delivery we can collaborate to figure our what's best for you and your team.
Incorporating Playfulness
Warning: this often results in increased creativity, more smiles and overall improved quality of life.